About us

Bringing the past to alive

Dino Encounters is primarily a child focused entertainment company whose core values centre around providing an exciting and educational dinosaur based experience. Be it an unforgettable birthday experience or educational school appearance, Dino Encounters is the perfect way to provide a unique insight into our pre-historic world and the creatures that once ruled our planet. Using puppetry and live actors we provide an unforgettable close encounter experience designed to ignite the imagination.



Introducing our professional team:



My name is Tyler and I’m the head Puppeteer for Dino Encounters.

A major part of my job is to help plan and build the set. Then once the show is underway, I help prepare the hand puppets and make sure "Hunter" the T-Rex is ready for his debut. My Professional colleagues and I maintain a fun working environment and work closely together to bring the past to life. I have loved anything and everything dinosaurs my whole life and I am very lucky to be able to bring that passion to my career. Throughout school I always wanted to act professionally, but ended up focusing more on behind the camera work.

Currently I’m studying a Bachelor of Film and television at Griffith University where I am extremely lucky to enhance my creative skills in a practical setting.

My favourite dinosaur is T-Rex of course!


My name is Aidan and I’m the presenter for Dino Encounters.

While my highly skilled colleagues keep everything running smoothly behind the scenes, it’s my job to talk to the kids, run games and keep things fun for the kids out front. I was a huge dinosaur fanatic growing up and thought I was going to be a palaeontologist for the longest time. It wasn’t until high school that I discovered my passion for drama. Being able to combine the two and share wonders of the prehistoric world with some newfound theatrical flair really is a dream come true.

Currently I am studying a Bachelor of Classical Voice at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music, hoping to graduate with honours at the end of 2021.

My favourite dinosaur is Triceratops. I just think he’s shaped like a friend!


My name is Roland and I'm the founder and operator of Dino Encounters.
I've always admired dinosaurs and I had a dream of creating a show that would entertain kids who share the same interest. Being a creative person I had lots of fun putting together our handmade and custom made staging props and watching our dinosaur puppets come alive from a few sketches. I'm proud to have a team who are absolute dinosaur enthusiasts and have a real passion for the entertainment industry.

I have a strong customer service background and always strive to exceed our clients' expectations - no matter their age. Having two young children I perfectly understand how important it is to get their entertainment right on special occasions. We're here to create memories for them that will last a long time.

And we won't stop until you see us on a big stage! 

"Hands down the best interactive learning experience we have seen. We absolutely loved having Dino Encounters at our Little Scholars centre. The most engaging show and the children absolutely loved loved loved it, so did all the adults. It's amazing they are able to bring to life a world that always captures children imagination."